Tram Rides through the Rainforest - Rain Forest Adventures

Situated in the highland community of Chassin, Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia offers visitors a unique opportunity for full immersion in the island’s vibrant rainforest life.Guests can choose to amble along the hiking trail eavesdropping on nature’s conversations, soar up and away through the forest canopy on gondolas, or thrill-seek on a zip line, gliding from platform to platform, high on the stoic trunks of the ancient sentries of the forest. The island’s premiere eco-adventure company covers an area of 1,250 acres of St Lucia Rainforest in the Castries Waterworks Reserve, the oldest rainforest reserve on St. Lucia. Rainforest Adventures appeals to all levels of interest and ability with St. Lucia rainforest tours that call both to the armchair enthusiast and the avid adventurer.And at only a half-hour away from the island’s major hotels, this attraction is both thrilling and convenient. *Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia is a no smoking property.

Location: Castries Waterworks Reserve

Phone: (758) 458-5151


The Barre de L’Isle

Traverse the ridge that separates the island east from west. Option one at the Barre de L’Isle trail is a sort (one hour), moderate walk that offers a great sampling of rainforest foliage, a chance to glimpse the Saint Lucian Parrot, and expansive views. Option two, is more challenging and continues to the peak of Mount Le Comb. The entrance to the trail is found along the main highway between Castries and Vieux Fort.

Phone: (758) 450-2231


JAG Island Adventures

Location: Gros Islet

Phone: (758) 455-3245


Des Cartiers

Approached from the east coast road, turning inland at Mahaut, the botanical profusion of the Des Cartiers Trail provides the ultimate rainforest experience. Dense vegetation offers ample cover for abundant wildlife, primarily but not limited to avian. Parts of the path are strenuous, but the guides adapt the pace for those who need a break. This also allows time for proper observation of the various botanical species and a bit of bird watching.

Phone: (758) 468-5649


Soufriere Hot Wire Rides/Morne Coubaril Estate

Location: Morne Coubaril Estate, Soufriere

Phone: (758) 459-7340


Rain Forest Hikes

Massive trees stand sentinel along the trails, harbouring a multitude a natural wonders beneath. Trailing tendrils of orchid plants, vines the climb the trunks in sink with the earth’s rotation, bark that is spice, gum that the is incense, trees that spread crowns of feathery ferns, the secretive forest birds and the squawking Saint Lucian Parrot with its own legendary tale, returning from the brink of extinction. The rainforest paths are tranquil and enchanting; the nature within is a collage of detailed miracles. All rainforest walks are conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and must be accompanied by a guide ( Bird watching tours along the various trails can also be arranged and is well worth the effort to rise early in the morning to catch sight of some of Saint Lucia’s delightful endemic species.

Phone: (758) 450-2231

Website: www.maff.egov

Rain Forest Canopy Rides (Palm Services)

Location: Dennery

Phone: (758) 458-0908


Latille Waterfalls

Millet Bird Sanctuary

Located in the heart of the rainforest, yet easily accessible along the country road that branches off from the west coast road at Roseau, the Millet trail is an absolute must for birdwatchers. The 2-mile loop trail encompasses a habitat that supports over 30 species of birds including five endemics. The mountain ridge climbs to 1000 feet above sea level to look down upon the John Compton Dam and the flight path of the parrots.

Phone: (758) 450-2231



Within close proximity to Castries this rainforest path follows a portion of the Old French Road, a vestige of colonial days. The Forestierre Trail boasts a prime example of original rainforest vegetation, viewed at a moderate pace. Trees of the fig family, an assortment of epiphytes and numerous ferns create a wooded wonderland.

Phone: (758) 450-2231


Mamiku Gardens

Tucked into the hillside behind the small community of Praslin along the east coast of Saint Lucia, Mamiku Gardens ( offer a gentle stroll through 12 acres of old estate grounds that have been expertly landscaped to display hundreds of tropical blooms. A moderate trek along the wooded hillside discloses lovely vistas of the Praslin Bay, a look at indigenous species both botanical and avian, and finally a glimpse of plantation life from the site of the old house. The history of the area is full of intriguing tales, including attacks of the legendary “l’armee francaise dans les bois”, Saint Lucia’s freedom fighters.

Location: P.O. Box 3031, La Clery, Castries, St. Lucia

Phone: (758) 458-1454


Rain Forest Sky Rides

Location: Chassin, Babonneau

Phone: (758) 458-0908


Grand Anse Turtle Watch

Debaras Turtle Watching

The Debaras Turtle Watch ( is an overnight adventure for those nature lovers who want to make a difference. Geared at not only providing the opportunity to view the legendary sea reptiles as they lumber ashore to lay their eggs, the tour, also, assists in the conservation process for the protection of the giant leatherbacks. The ruggedly beautiful beach of Grande Anse is the most important nesting site in the region for the continued success of sea turtle species. Tour participants patrol the beach in shifts and when one of the awesome marine beasts is spotted the team assembles for measuring and tagging. Watchers later in the season are on hand to witness and assist the tiny hatchlings in their made dash for the sea. Tents are provided and the excursion includes dinner and a true Saint Lucian breakfast.

Location: P.O. Box 3031, La Clery, Castries, St. Lucia

Phone: (758) 458-1454


Diamond Falls - Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths

The embodiment of the word “tropical” unfolds at the Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens, amid a confluence of exotic foliage, vivid blossoms and the fluttering forest birds that they attract. Carved out of an old cocoa plantation along a pleasant river ravine, the diverse gardens flow one to the next, each with individual charm and distinctive themes. In the midst of the splendid displays of brilliantly coloured flora stands evidence of Saint Lucia’s past as this, one of the oldest cultivated areas of the island, sequesters the legendary Diamond Mineral Baths, reputed to be on par with the most lauded of Europe. Island history suggests that a young Empress Josephine enjoyed the benefits of these steaming pools. And, yet again, another legend has touched down upon these grounds. Superman, in Superman II, after having flown between the Pitons pauses before the enchanting Diamond Falls to pluck the remarkable bird-of-paradise for Lois Lane. It’s a time capsule. If we listen carefully, we can still here the blissful voices of Ciboney and Arawak children echoing as they splashed and played in 900 BC Ioüanalao. A relaxed stroll through the Diamond Botanical Gardens ( to the picturesque waterfall reveals many appealing facets that meld nature and history. It is a most pleasurable way to enjoy a few hours.

Location: Soufriere Estate Soufriere, St. Lucia W.I.

Phone: (758) 452-4759


Ziplining -Treetop Adventure Park

A rush through nature best describes this fascinating adventure. Zip along a cable extended from one tree platform to the next and view the massive rainforest trees from an interactive perspective. This is the perfect way to add a touch of adventure while exploring the beauty of Saint Lucian rainforests. At Rain Forest Sky Rides, in Chassin to the north east of Saint Lucia, one glides gently upward along the mountain slopes in an open-air gondola, observing all the many wonders of this lush habitat. Then the pace shifts as one zips down through the canopy—leaves, blossoms and birds left behind in a blur of greens dotted with blazing tropical colour. At Treetop Adventure Park in Dennery, near the central east coast, it’s only a short walk to the first platform that begins the ziplining adventure, but the thrill’s the same as one zips along, over 100 feet above the forest floor. An obstacle course is available within the same park and is particularly great for families, providing a full day of fun, challenge and adventure.

Location: PO Box RB 2581 Castries, St. Lucia, W.I.

Phone: (758) 458-0908


Captain Mike's

Phone: (758) 452-4834

St. Lucia Segway Nature Trail Experience

Come “glide” the island side. Experience the new fun, safe and environmentally friendly Segway X2, LucianStyle! Glide our scenic nature trail up beautiful Mount Pimard and enjoy breath taking views of St. Lucia’s dramatic West Coast. First it’s lessons and practice time on our “Segway adventure Track” and then it’s a long gentle glide up our extensive nature trail system created on an old US WWII military base, all while our informative guides talk about everything from the beautiful flowers and butterflies to the battles between the English and French for our fair Helen of the West.

Location: Rodney Bay (Gros-Islet)

Phone: (800) 534-8300


Sulphur Springs

Mysteriously boiling pools of dark water emit the pungent pong of sulphur. The continuum of steam rises in obscure puffs, alluding to a portent of some ominous being. Or, so the theological legends of the island’s early settlers suggest. Deemed by Carib folklore as a place where one’s soul meets death, this natural phenomenon, the Qualibu Caldera, does make a marked impression upon those who stand above peering into its murky depths. Yet, in fact, the Sulphur Springs act as a safety value, constantly releasing subterranean pressure, stabilising the area. A visit to the park, located in Soufriere (a name that means “place of sulphur”) is an absolute must for all visitors to Saint Lucia. Allow time to soak in the mineral impacted mud beneath the springs, mystical mud which local legend guarantees will make you look and feel younger!

Phone: (758) 459-7200


Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island National Landmark is a 40-acre park that retraces the many historical legends of Saint Lucia, showcases the local wildlife, and is surrounded by fantastic seascapes. It is in fact heralded as a “living museum”. Once an islet just of the north western shores of Saint Lucia, Pigeon Island has been connected to the main island via a causeway since the 1970’s. Visitors to the park are free to amble, at their own pace, among the remnants of Admiral Rodney’s naval base, take a refreshing dip at one of the cosy coves, walk along the perimeter to the remains of a legendary pirate’s cave (that of Jamb de Bois aka Francoise le Clerc), or hike to the heights of the fort to gape at the spectacular 360 degree view. Pigeon Island has had over the years many different and interesting uses beginning with a shelter for Carib Indians and ending as a private retreat for a retired British Actress. It’s most impressive role, however, was that of a naval lookout espying towards the French stronghold at Martinique just some 20 miles to the north. This vigilance led to the British victory at the “Battle of the Saints”, known as the most importance naval battle ever waged in the Caribbean. A mini-museum provides a brief overview of the park’s history and a stop there is highly recommended before one begins their exploration. Two restaurants on the grounds offer light meals and icy beverages.

Phone: (758) 450-5005


La Toc Battery

Location: La Toc

Phone: (758) 452-6039


Fond Latisab Creole Park

Phone: (758) 450-5461


The Enbas Saut Falls

Venture into the central portion of the Saint Lucian rainforest at the foot of the island’s highest peak, Mount Gimie. This remote forest is thick and lush and incredibly scenic. Due to its general inaccessibility the forest is rich in avian life including the Saint Lucian Parrot and the Saint Lucian Oriole. The 2.5 mile long hike is rated moderate to strenuous, but is rated overwhelming in beauty and wildlife. The name “Enbas Saut” translates into “beneath the falls” and thus the two waterfalls encountered along the way definitely add to the appeal.

Phone: (758) 450-2231


Maria Island

Two islets off the coast of Vieux Fort form a distinct part of the coastline adding character and charm to the bay when viewed from either the beach at Pointe Sable or the advantage point atop the promontory of Moule a Chique, the southern most foot of Saint Lucia. Maria major comprises just 24 acres and Maria minor close to 3 acres, but what this minute islet duo lacks in size it more than accounts for in flora and fauna, the eco content of the Maria Islands is scientifically legendary. In addition to the over 80 plant species, the islet habitat hosts five endemic reptile species including a lizard with a magnificent blue tail, the Saint Lucia Whiptail; the near extinct Saint Lucia Racer, a harmless snake denoted as the world’s rarest; and the world’s smallest snake, the Worm Snake, a non poisonous snake that burrows underground. The islets also provide a nesting sanctuary for numerous migratory and sea birds, and it is quite a sight to view the hundreds of circling birds during the nesting season. Trips to Maria major are organized, by appointment only, through the Saint Lucia National Trust (, during periods that do not interfere with the unique and amazing wildlife.

Location: P.O. Box 595, Castries, Saint Lucia

Phone: (758) 452-5005


Tet Paul Nature Trail

Location: Soufriere Dev Foundation

Phone: (758) 723-2930


Edmund Forest Reserve

Trek through the path shaded by grand trees and edged by their spreading buttresses, deep within the pristine woods of Edmund Forest Reserve. Emerge from the sheltered forest world to distant views of the Caribbean Sea and an up close look at Mount Gimie, the most imposing summit of Saint Lucia. This hike, which begins just south of Soufriere, includes varied terrain and takes about three and half hours to complete.

Phone: (758) 450-2231


Rhythm of Rum Tours

Location: Cul de Sac

Phone: (758) 456-3100


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